I would like to put my child to a school or kindergarten. I live in Estonia

Most of the public services are provided by the local municipalities and the basis for the provision of the services is the place of residence of the person according to the population register. That is why the local municipality checks if according to the data of the population register the person resides in Estonia in the local municipality where they wish to use the services. Through the Eesti.ee portal anyone can renew and update their own data in the population register. Make sure that your place of residence is in the area where you would like to find a kindergarten and/ or school for your child.


Local municipalities support residents in finding kindergartens and schools. You should contact the municipality or city government with these questions. According to the Estonian law, local municipalities are required to ensure all children living in Estonia with a place in the kindergarten and school near their home. If you want your child to go to another school, it is possible if the school you wish has any free places.


It is within the competence of the local municipality to organise local recreational activities. Participating in extra-curricular activities will speed-up the adaptation process!


General education is free of charge in Estonia! General education includes pre-school education, basic education and secondary education. Studies on all levels of education are carried out based on the common national curriculum, relying on which, each educational facility will form its own curriculum. Read more!


Parents are free to choose kindergartens if there are free places available and choose also between the public and private sector kindergartens. Private kindergartens are supported by the local municipality to the extent agreed at the city or municipality government. When allocating kindergarten places, first priority is given to children who are permanently living in the same municipality or city, thereafter for the children of the parents working in the catchment area. If there are free places available, children from other areas are accepted. The application for a kindergarten place should be made at the kindergarten as early as possible!


It is compulsory to attend school for all children from the moment when they become seven years old before 1 October of the current year until acquiring basic education or until they have become 17 years old. School obligation may be postponed for the child’s health condition and it may be fulfilled by studying at home. No child is released from the obligation to fulfil the school obligation for his or her disability or lack of performance.


Common standards established for all schools regulate a school’s study arrangements, weekly study load, assessment and weight of the school bag.


Each Estonian county has a support centre, where pupils, parents, teachers and local municipality social and educational workers are provided psychological, logopaedic, special education and socio-pedagogic counselling as well as career counselling. The task of the support centres is to support early noticing of developmental and educational special needs of children and individual development of children.


Additional information necessary for going to school or changing schools is available at the Eesti.ee portal.