Estonian language and culture clubs

Language enthusiasts can hone their skills starting from spring 2020 at Estonian language and culture clubs throughout the country. The clubs are open to anyone who has passed an Estonian language exam at the B2 or C1 levels.

An Estonian language and culture club is a place where people can practise their Estonian and overcome both the language barrier and their communication issues. The clubs are designed primarily for those who already speak some Estonian but need encouragement and recognition in order to communicate in the language spontaneously and fluently.

The clubs offer people the chance to use the language in a way that is both educational and enjoyable. Compared to classic language classes, the club meetings are enriched with elements of non-formal learning and communication situations like excursions and meet-and-greets in which the atmosphere is much more relaxed.

Invited to club meetings are native speakers of Estonian with whom the participants can chat in Estonian and who encourage them to use the language. They can talk about all sorts of topics from day-to-day life, learning words and expressions that are used in common situations.

Estonian language and culture club activities were supported in 2015-2022 by the Integration Foundation from the resources of the ‘Activities supporting integration in Estonian society’ project of the European Social Fund.

Please fin the Handbook of the Estonian Language Club (in Estonian) here:

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