Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board plans the activities of the Foundation. The Supervisory Board also organises the management of the Foundation and supervises its activities. The Board consists of 9 members who are appointed for three years by the founder.

The founder decides any changes made in the composition of the Governing Board and the dismissal of governing board members. The Executive Board requires the consent of the Governing Board for making transactions that go beyond the framework of the day-to-day economic activity of the Foundation. In order to fulfill its duties, the Governing Board has the right to view all documents of the Foundation and to audit its accounts, to confirm the existence of properties and also to check whether the activity of the Foundation conforms to the law and the statute of the Foundation.

Members of the Supervisory Board:

Martin Tulit (Depury Chairman of the Supervisory Board) - Head of Civil Society and Adaptation Policy Department of Estonian Ministry of Interior

Andero Adamson - Head of Department Language Policy Department of the Ministry of Education and Research
Andrus Tamm - representative of Estonian Chamber of Mentors
Ann Räämet - Head of NGO Kloogaranna Society (Kloogaranna Selts), representative of Erakond Isamaaliit
Birute Klaas-Lang - Professor of Estonian as a foreign language of University of Tartu
Heidi Uustalu - representative of The Network of County Development Centres, development manager of the educational program “Enterprising school”
Külli Remsu - representative of Eesti Konservatiivne Rahvaerakond
Mari-Liis Jakobson - Associate Professor of Political Sociology of Tallinn University
Maris Toomel
Piret Hartman
- Undersecretary for Cultural Diversity of Estonian Ministry of Culture
Priidu Ristkok - Head of Regional Development Department of the Ministry of Finance
Vadim Belobrovtsev - Deputy Mayor of Tallinn