Support Meetings

We are welcoming all fellow Estonians to share their thoughts in the Returnee Club!

The Integration Foundation organises meetings for everyone interested in living in Estonia to help returnees make contacts with other people and assist with their adaptation to life in Estonia.

During the meetings, participants can hear how other Estonians are doing, how returnees are coping with being back in the country, obtain useful information and support for more efficient organisation of their lives and get to share their own experience.

The meetings are held year-round and are free for all participants – you simply have to register to take part.

Stay up to date with upcoming events on this page or in our Facebook group.


Additional info:

Marika Sulg
Compatriots Service Consultant
[email protected]
+372 55511739

Kaire Cocker
Head of Compatriots Service
[email protected]
+372 5364 4172