Language Friends Program

The Language Friends Program `Keelesõber` offers Estonian language learners the opportunity to practice the language of communication by chatting with volunteer Estonian language mentors through e-channels. We are waiting for both Estonian language learners and volunteers speaking Estonian on the native language level who are ready to help language learners with communicating in Estonian to join the program.



NB! The 3rd season of the Language Friend program takes place from 14.02 - 17.05.2022. As there are more people who want to practice the language than we have mentors, we will suspend registration until new mentors join. We will announce the reopening of registration later on. The language learners will be brought together from Valentine's Day, February 14.

If you know Estonian at least at A2 level and want to get additional Estonian language practice by regularly talking to a person who speaks Estonian as a mother tongue, register to participate in the Keelesõber program!

The Keelesõber Program offers you an opportunity to

  • hone your Estonian language skills,
  • get more courage in speaking Estonian,
  • get acquainted with Estonian culture and the Estonian way of living,
  • introduce your culture to your language practice friend,
  • find new friends and connections.


After registration, we will contact you and offer a voluntary Estonian language mentor as a chat partner. You agree with the mentor how often, at what time, via what channel and for how long you will talk. Conversation topics are also up to you.



The first phase of the volunteer Language Friends Program that was initiated by the Integration Foundation and lasted from 20 March to 19 May in 2020 united 885 people around the world for the purpose of learning and practising Estonian. From February to May 2021, 504 Estonian language learners had the opportunity to practice Estonian with the help of 448 volunteer mentors within the program.

  • The task of the mentors was to communicate with language learners in Estonian a few times a week on various vital topics through online channels. Some mentors helped several language learners to practise the language. The teachers of the Estonian Language Houses of the Integration Foundation and the Estonian language methodologists involved in the project instructed the mentors by offering them short trainings and recommending study materials. The mentors actively exchanged information and their experiences in assisting language learners.
  • Most of the mentors were from Estonia, but in addition to them, Estonians from different countries around the world joined the project: from Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Romania, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, Russia, England, Ireland, Indonesia, the United States, Colombia, Uganda, Finland, Iceland, Sri Lanka, etc. The language learners were mostly Estonian residents, however, some people interested in the Estonian language were located in Finland, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil and the USA.
  • All mentors contributed to the project voluntarily; language learners joined the initiative through public registration.
  • At the end of the state of emergency, the supervised meetings of mentors and language learners stopped, but many language friends continued to communicate and practice Estonian.


More information about the Language Friends Program and other volunteer opportunities:

Ave Landrat
Coordinator of cooperation activities of Tallinn Language House