Studying Estonian independently

There are a number of options for independent studies of Estonian: attending language cafés, using culture modules and making the most of the e-learning opportunities provided by Keeletee or Speakly.

Keeletee, mis on sobib iseseisvaks õppeks alates 0-tasemega algajatest kuni B1-tasemel edasijõudnuteni.


To access free Estonian studies via the programme do the following:

1. Go to

2. Click on ‘Purchase now’

3. Log in, select Estonian and choose any package

4. Enter the discount code ‘EV100’, which will reduce the purchase cost to zero

5. Take a placement test to determine your language level

6. Start studying!

For further information please contact: Ott Ojamets | CEO, Speakly | +372 51 20 938 |