Estonian constitution and citizenship training

In 2024, it is planned to create study places for at least 200 foreigners who have been living in Estonia for at least five years based on a residence permit or right of residence and meet the conditions specified in the language learning contact, or for foreigners who do not have the Estonian citizenship but wish to apply for it. The duration of the training is 18 academic hours. The training sessions will take place on a contact basis in at least four Estonian counties and also online. The size of one study group is 12-20 participants.

NB! At the moment, the start of the training is not determined and depends on the conduct of the procurement.


The course lasts a total of 18 academic hours. If a participant completes at least 14 hours, a certificate of having completed the course is issued to them. If a participant takes part of the course for over 9 hours but less than 14 hours, a certificate of participation in the course is issued.

Information on citizenship examinations

The examination on the knowledge of the Constitution and the Citizenship Act of the Republic of Estonia, or a citizenship exam in short, is meant for people who want to apply for Estonian citizenship. The exam tests a person’s knowledge on the Constitution of the Republic of Estonia and the basic rights, freedoms, and obligations of Estonian citizens.

For the times and registration options of the citizenship examinations, please follow this link: