Estonian Language Fair KU-KУ in Kohtla-Järve

04.09.2021   10:00 - 04.09.2021   15:00
TalTech Virumaa Kolledž (Järveküla tee 75, Kohtla-Järve)

The aim of the Estonian Language Fair is to introduce the possibilities of learning Estonian. Adults with different Estonian language skills and different language learning needs are welcome to attend the fair.

The fair will be live-streamed on Facebook page of Integration Foundation for anyone interested to watch online.

On KU-КУ you have the opportunity to:

  • find yourself a suitable form of language learning;
  • get to know the latest learning materials;
  • play language learning games;
  • get advice on how to prepare for the language exam;
  • get familiar with the language immersion methodology;
  • participate in language café and participate in workshops that introduce differences in language learning methodologies, teach you to choose a methodology based on your needs, and use the surrounding tools and opportunities on a daily basis.

Every hour, there is a lottery at the fairgrounds, you are invited to visit the café, and fun activities are organized for children. 

At the Estonian Language Fair in Kohtla-Järve are present:

Narva eesti keele maja
Eesti Töötukassa
Haridus- ja Noorteamet
Kohanemisprogramm Settle in Estonia
Mare Kitsnik
Eesti Keele Instituut
Kirjastus Kirjatark
Keelemäng „Käänuk“
Multilingua Keelekeskus OÜ
A&E Keeltekool
TEA Keeleõpetus AS
Algus OÜ
Kersti Võlu Koolituskeskus OÜ
OÜ Reiting PR
Eterna Koolituskeskus OÜ
Keeltekool Tarkus
TalTech Virumaa kolledž

Admission is FREE!

NB! Only people who have been vaccinated, recovered from COVID-19, or presented a negative test result can take part in event.

  • The certificates of all attendants will be checked at the entrance, please bring your identity document with you as well.
  • The certificate can be submitted in both paper and digital form (eg from smartphone)
  • There is no on-site testing available
  • People under the age of 18 do not need to submit the COVID certificate.

The organizers of the fair want to offer a safe experience and thank the participants for their understanding and care.

Additional information:
Free consultation number: 800 9999

Activities are financed via the European Social Fund project ‘Terms and conditions of the provision of support for activities promoting integration in Estonian society’.

Additional information:

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