Forest game "Explore Estonia" - Kakerdaja bog (starting from Tallinn)

12.02.2021   12:00
Kakerdaja raba

We will get acquainted with valuable natural places, learn vocabulary related to plants, animals and birds, talk about caring about the nature. There will be a quiz in the conclusion.

This time we are going to explore Kakerdaja bog. NB! We kindly ask you to come with your own transport.

  • Language level: B1+
  • Time: starting from 12:00 till the evening
  • Place: starting from Tallinn Language House (Rävala pst 5, Tallinn). All the participants use their own transport.
  • Registration:

Choose appropriate clothing according to the weather. As the day will be long then we recommend you to take your own drink and snack with you. The plan is subject to change.

Additional information:

Tallinna eesti keele maja