Parents Club. Family day trip to Tallinn: ‘Convivial cooking’ (from Narva)

18.12.2021   08:00

The Parents Club is designed for adults and families interested in broadening their skills and knowledge. It gives parents the chance to have their say on educational issues and represents an opportunity to hone their language skills. Developing spoken self-expression is the focus. Each get-together looks at a specific issue that speaks to the participants, with special guests being invited to take part – experts in their own fields. Day trips are organised once every three months which parents can take part in with their kids in tow.


18 December - Parents Club goes to family day trip to Tallinn: ‘Convivial cooking’ 



Health safety. In organising language courses, Estonian Language Houses are guided by the current requirements put in place to stop the spread of coronavirus. Only people who present the certificate to prove that they are vaccinated or have been recovered from COVID-19 can take part in events. The COVID certificates of all attendants will be checked at the entrance, please bring your identity document with you as well. The certificate can be submitted in both paper and digital form (eg from smartphone).

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