Social club for beginners

01.12.2021   16:00
Tallinna eesti keele maja Rävala pst.5, 6 korrus

This club is open to true beginners: people just starting to learn Estonian. Through games and other fun activities, we practise the language in a relaxed atmosphere. This will help you overcome the language barrier and gain more courage to use your Estonian. Club activities take place entirely in Estonian.  

Health safety: In organising language courses, Estonian Language Houses are guided by the current requirements put in place to stop the spread of coronavirus. Only people who present the certificate to prove that they (1) are vaccinated, (2) have been recovered from COVID-19  

The COVID certificates of all attendants will be checked at the entrance, please bring your identity document with you as well.   

The certificate can be submitted in both paper and digital form (eg from smartphone).   

There is no on-site testing available. 

Min. language level required: A1 

When: 1.12 and 15.12  from 16:00-17:00  

Max. no. of participants: 20 

Where: Estonian Language Centre, Tallinn (‘Ookean’ room; Rävala pst 5, 6th floor) 

Contact person/organiser: Kadri Raigo ( Zobel (



Additional information:

Tallinna eesti keele maja